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Diosa Del Carmen office, 295 Camino Majalapalma, Valtocado Mijas. 
Diosa Del Carmen LLC. & Diosa Export 4 You LLC.  Delaware, Florida, Illinois, New York.
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 D.D.C. offers to sell your products for a commission and give you the following options:
Option 1- Create and promote your own trademarks:
  • Your company pays for the expenses related to the creation of your packaging and labeling according to the rules of the FDA.
  • All sales are made under the name of your company. All promotions are made to establish a market for your trademarks. 
  • D.D.C. would do a market study for the product free of charge.
  • D.D.C. works to sell and promote your trademarks and get commissions on sales. 
Option 2 -​ Not promote your trademark, D.D.C. creates its own:
  • Your company provides the artwork and D.D.C. creates its own trademarks at D.D.C. expense. 
  • D.D.C. pays all the consulting fees related to the packaging and labeling.
  • D.D.C. will sell your product using its own packaging. 
  • D.D.C. gets a commission on all sales.
Option 3 - Both options:
  • You pay for your packaging expenses and we pay for ours.
  • D.D.C. pays for a market study. 
  • D.D.C. sells the product in both trade names and gets commissions on sales. 
(This solution may be the best as some buyers may want exclusive rights on one of the trade names).
See our products:
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