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Diosa Del Carmen office, 295 Camino Majalapalma, Valtocado Mijas. 
Diosa Del Carmen LLC. & Diosa Export 4 You LLC.  Delaware, Florida, Illinois, New York.
Foreign importers:
Brexit or not, when one door closes, another opens, we open it. If there is danger of losing your English suppliers, here you can find suppliers of products from Spain in particular and from all over the world in general.
Exporters from Spain in particular and the rest of the world in general. Brexit or not, you have to accept the challenge and find other markets. If the British door closes, many others open. It is a matter of will, let us help you.
The FDA and the bioterrorism act:
The FDA regulates all food, beverages, and dietary supplements that are intended for consumption in the USA. DDC provides all the services related to compliance, including the required registration for all facilities that manufacture, process, pack, or store food, beverages, or dietary supplements intended for humans and animals.

Bioterrorism: Please read here the cruel truth about the Bioterrorism Act, your responsibilities and ours under this law. 
FDA and USDA for meat and chicken: 
Certain labels for meat and poultry products must be approved by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). We conduct a full label review to determine if your label requires approval. In that case we submit it the documentation for you to USDA.
  • To give you a report on the labels: €1300
  • To create the label for you: €1500 (Discount for quantities)
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To send samples of food and drinks (and even the merchandise) you would need some documentation.
You are required to get a document called Prior Notice before your merchandise or simples can be shipped to the USA. We provide this service free of charge for our clients. 
  • Send us an email.
Packaging and labeling:
Errors in the packaging and nutrition labeling are the reason merchandise can be denied entry to the USA. DDC works with your graphic artist for the creation of the packaging and we deliver the nutrition label ready to be printed on the packages.
  • First package: €1885
  • Second package: €1000
  • Third package: €650
  • Forth package: €450
  • Fifth package: €350
  • All other packages: €200
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Canned food:
For the Food Canning Establishments (FCE) registration and scheduled process filings (SIDs) are required for certain low-acid products and acidified foods.
  • Our fee for this service is 1900€ for the first year and 1000€ for the second year.
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We offer a service of marketing based solely on commissions. If you sign up for it, we pay for most of the fees above indicated.
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