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Diosa Del Carmen office, 295 Camino Majalapalma, Valtocado Mijas. 
Diosa Del Carmen LLC. & Diosa Export 4 You LLC.  Delaware, Florida, Illinois, New York.
Fairs: No sales no gains.
Minimize the cost of attending fairs.
Knowing languages is a must, however, you need to go way beyond speaking your clients’ languages. You need to know their mentality and their traditions to be articulate, to seal the deal and make your investment pay off.
Not only do we speak English, Spanish, Italian, French and Arabic, we have the most important asset: THE KNOW-HOW.
We do not work on salaries or fees, we work on commissions! You take care of all the travel expenses and we go with you to the fair with only one aim: Give your company even more international dimensions.
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