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Diosa Del Carmen office, 295 Camino Majalapalma, Valtocado Mijas. 
Diosa Del Carmen LLC. & Diosa Export 4 You LLC.  Delaware, Florida, Illinois, New York.
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Bioterrorism: Please read here the cruel truth about the Bioterrorism Act, your responsibilities and ours under this law. 
The FDA regulates cosmetic products intended for use in the United States. In addition, the State of California has imposes additional requirements for cosmetic products sold in the state. DDC provides Registration, Ingredient Statement filing, and Labeling Assistance for Non-U.S. companies in the Cosmetic Products Industry.
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Cosmetic Labeling and Ingredient Review
Avoid those errors that are the leading causes of FDA detentions of merchandise. DDC helps companies modify their cosmetic labeling to comply with FDA regulations by providing graphic files ready to be printed or edited along with a report that details the regulations, compliance guides and more information to help sail nicely with the FDA.
  • Information report: 1300€
  • Label creation: 1300€
Registration and reporting FDA and California
At DDC we assist you with the reporting required by the California Safe Cosmetics Program as well as FDA Cosmetic Product Ingredient Statement (CPIS). We do the filings and Registration of Cosmetic Product Establishments (VCRP). The price varies between 300€ and 100€ per filing depending on the quantity. 
  Is it a cosmetic or medical product?  
Cosmetic products may be regulated depending on the intended use.Registro por producto cosmético/medicamento: €700
  • FDA Agent €700 cuota anual.
  • Listing of products: 500€ each.
Some cosmetic companies intending to sell in the state of California may be required to report ingredients in their products that may cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm. DDC helps you determine which ingredients may be subject to this requirement.
  • Depending on the quantity, the price varies between 300€ y 50€
All cosmetic color additives, dye, pigment, or any other substance that can impart color to a cosmetic product is regulated by FDA.
  • 300€ 
 Data Universal Numbering System (Número D-U-N-S®) 
This is a number that identifies companies and is used by the FDA.  Service free of charge for our companies.
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If we have interest in your product we may open markets for your in exchange of commissions on sales. And if so, we may pay for most of the expenses listed above.
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