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Diosa Del Carmen office, 295 Camino Majalapalma, Valtocado Mijas. 
Diosa Del Carmen LLC. & Diosa Export 4 You LLC.  Delaware, Florida, Illinois, New York.
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Worldwide buyers of Spanish wine:
Here you will find all the 70 Denomination of Origin of the Spanish wine. We can assist you in any country of the world.
For the USA we are a licensed importer for all alcoholic beverages and for all the states and territories of the US.
Let us inform you and assist you in buying these Spanish wines and with the importation process.
Visit the wineries 
Exporters of Spanish wine
Let us open the markets for you around the world in exchange of commissions on sales.
To export to the US market here is what you need to know.
Bioterrorism: Please read here the cruel truth about the Bioterrorism Act, your responsibilities and ours under this law. 
What is TTB?
TTB is the government agency in charge of protecting the public by enforcing the provisions of the Federal Alcohol Administration Act (FAA Act) to ensure that only qualified persons engage in the alcohol beverage industry. Certain alcohol businesses must file an application with and receive approval from TTB before engaging in business.

What is an "Importer" in the context of TTB?
The wine production company located outside of the USA (the seller) and the distribution company located in the USA must use a registered and licensed "Importer". The merchandise gets into the country under the name of the importer and may be received by the distributor. The certificate is issued by ALFD and in some cases the importer must get a pre-approval from TTB and FDA before getting COLA.
DDC is a licensed importer at the federal level (for all US states and territories and may export to Canada as well).

What is a certification?
Wine companies producing "natural wine" after diciembre 2004 must comply with certification requirements of "Miscellaneous Trade and Technical Corrections"  
How to get this certification?
DDC (our company) is authorized to give this certification if we have the results of product analysis. But you can use a statement from the government in the country of production or entity approved by the government that has inspection or control responsibilities over oenological practices. This type of certification includes the results of a laboratory analysis of the wine carried out by a government laboratory or a laboratory certified by the government of the producing country.
The importer must ensure that the producer of the alcoholic beverage is registered with the Food and Drug Administration of the United States ("U.S. Food and Drug Administration," or FDA) and must provide the FDA with prior notification of a planned import. The FDA administers these requirements, which are part of the Bioterrorism Act (Bioterrorism Act of 2002).
The fees depend on many factors involved. We shall give you and estimate after we review your information.
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